Virtual Classes


Virtual Classes From the Comfort of Your Home

We know that times are trying right now, and all of our kids are sick of being stuck in the house!

Check out this great way to get your child moving! Classes are geared to kids ages 5 and over, no experience is required.

Supplies Needed:

  • Water Bottle
  • Something Soft- IE Mattress, Couch Cushions or Mat
  • Computer or Phone with Internet Access

Classes Offered:

  • Beginner Tumbling- Tuesday and Sundays 5pm
  • Walkovers 101- Monday 5pm  and Saturdays at Noon
  • Handsprings 101- Thursdays 4pm and Saturdays 1pm
  • Intro to Cheerleading- Thursdays 5-6pm and Saturdays at 2pm
  • Fitness Fun- Tuesdays 3pm and Sundays 6pm
  • High School Tryout Prep- Tuesdays 4pm and Sundays 1pm

Class Pricing: $69 per month for unlimited Virtual Classes and Access to our members only library that has tons more videos for your child to do in their free time!


Contact us using the form below to redeem your FREE Class!