Five Star Warriors


Not everyone wants to be a cheerleader or a tumbler but nearly everyone wants to improve their strength, agility, and resourcefulness.

With that in mind, Five Star Athletics has created the Five Star Warriors program where you can learn to mix martial arts and gymnastics with a little bit of ninja skills!
Warriors are currently offered:
Monday 5-6 pm
Wednesday 5-6pm
Sundays 3-4 pm


Every six months you’ll be able to compete in our Ninja Games and have the opportunity to win the championship! The Warrior Program features obstacle courses where you will learn to climb, flip and jump as you earn your warrior headband and advance through our color stripe program. The Five Star Warrior program teaches valuable skills and important lessons in confidence, focus, hard work, and how to problem solve.
At Five Star, all of our highly trained coaches are certified by the United States All Star Federation (USASF). This qualification is not a requirement across the industry but is required to work at our facility! Our staff members are also certified in CPR and first aid. They also take part in continuing child development classes.