Covid Updates

To help keep the kids moving and in shape we will be offering online classes FREE to all kids starting tomorrow and running through March 29th. You do not need to register just click the link to join the class. These classes will take place Via Zoom. You will need a computer, phone or IPAD to do them. You do not need the app but it will make it easier!
App Name: ZOOM
How to do it: Click the link and set up your phone where we can see you and you can see us!
Password: FIVESTAR

We will be offering daily classes and challenges to keep our kids engaged check back daily for our virtual schedule!


Today’s schedule:

It’s Day 3!!
Our normal schedule will consistently of videos Sunday thru Thursday and Fridays and Saturday’s off.

Today we are going to do a few videos:

5pm- Join coach Shelley Live on Five Star Nation to check out the resources we are now offering on our website for our members!

6pm- Join Coach Daniel on Zoom to set goals for next week!

8pm- Parents, Join us for a virtual Happy Hour, say hi and see how everyone is doing!

Don’t forget to get today’s assignment done and sent over to us at 775-376-0545

Zoom Link-
Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting