All Star Teams:Aura
We offer competitive teams for all ages and experience levels. All of our teams are coed, which means boys of all ages and abilities are welcome. No Experience is required to be on most of our teams. All teams compete in Northern California, with the chance of competing nationally.

Our All Star teams are set up on Skill Level and Age, we try as hard as possible to create our teams so they can be as successful as possible. These teams require a full year commitment, they practice two times a week. At Five Star we do have a strict attendance policy. Your team practice schedule is given in May, and it stays the same all season, so that you can plan other sports and activities around it. We want our athletes to be well rounded, but we also want them to learn the importance of commitment to their team and their goals. At times this may mean that our athletes miss out on small school functions, but they create many memories, and build an extra family in the process.

Our Tryout Process for our 2017-2018 Season will begin in May. The Tryout packet will be made available on Tuesday Jan 24th! To receive the packet via email complete the form below. 


We will be offering teams Full Season and Light Travel Teams for the 2017-2018 Season



Yes! Please send me more information about the upcoming season!