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USASF Athlete Identification

Absence Form

Flyer/Tumbling Log 


2015-2016 Team Rosters 

Dream 2015 Roster

Aura 2015 Roster

Dippers 2015 Roster

Gemini 2015 Roster

Eclipse 2015 Roster

Illuminate 2015 Roster

Odyssey 2015 Roster

Omni 2015 Roster

Paramount 2015 Roster 

Shooting Stars 2015 Roster

Starlets 2015 Roster

Stellar 2015 Roster

Starstruck 2015 Roster 

 Team Reminders:

Check here for updates from your team coaches!

All Teams- Please get your camp forms back ASAP! Forms can be turned into the front desk! 

Ropes Course Dates- 

Be sure you have marked your calendar out for the following dates for Ropes Course- Athletes will pack a fully disposable lunch.

All Athletes will arrive at Project Discovery by 9am and will be picked up at 5pm. More info will be sent out as the event gets closer!

Crossovers must attend with their main team and can come to their secondary team if they would like. We highly encourage you attend both teams!

Wednesday July 15th – Omni, Eclipse, Odyssey and Starlets

Thursday July 16th- Stellar, Aura, Shooting Stars and Dream

Friday July 17th- Gemini, Illuminate, Paramount and Starstruck

Choreography Dates- 

At this time the following dates have been confirmed for choreography. As we know more we will get more out!

Tuesday July 14th- Omni

Wednesday July 15th- Dream

Thursday July 16th- Gemini

Friday July 17h- Odyssey