Our story… as told by Coach Shelley Shepard…

I first got involved in the great sport of cheer when my daughter came home from a trial class she did at the age of four. She loved it so we were immediately hooked! I became the president of the booster club at the gym we were at and then after a tragic event for the gym owner, I ended up running the program. She decided to leave cheer and the gym in my hands.

Cheerleading becomes our lives!Family

After running the program for six years, we relocated to Reno. Shortly after arriving, we realized that Reno was in need of a program that offered athletes a safe, fun place to cheer. A place where athletes could learn not only the athletic side of cheer but also learn the life lessons that are taught through our amazing sport. In January of 2010, a dream was born. Five Star Athletics came about from a fortune Tom and I received at PF Chang’s that said, today is going to be a five star day. We then decided that the new program we were creating would be called Five Star Athletics. In May of 2010 Five Star was opened with only 30 kids. But with a vision to show Reno what all star cheer was all about.

We had just opened the best facility in Reno!

Little did we know what was to come. Four years later, we have started our fourth season with over 200 athletes on teams and many more in classes. In May, we moved into our new 10,000 square foot facility. As we move forward we are excited for many years to come and continue to watch athletes in the gym grow.

Now It Was Time To Deepen The Experience For Our Athletes and Parents!

For a long time we had been discussing character development and how we could incorporate it into our classes and training. In  January of 2014, we are excited to be launching our Character Curriculum and became the first and only PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTER in Reno! Our staff will engage our athletes on the 6 pillars of: Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Citizenship, Caring and Trustworthiness!

We were now giving our students an unfair advantage in life with our new Character Education System!

Five Star Athletics is the Reno-Tahoe Region’s Leading Cheer and Personal Development Center.  In addition to providing a high-quality cheer and tumbling program, we’re proud to implement the Industry’s Best Character Education System with all of our athletes so that they quickly and easily become CHAMPIONS both on the floor and in the GAME of Life!

We’re proud to provide All Star Cheer Teams, Tumbling Classes, Private Lessons, School team training, day camps and birthday parties to athletes ranging from 3-18+ years old.  What this means for your family is that YOU GET IT ALL HERE!  We’ve put together the best of the best in a program that leaves our athletes sweating, smiling and learning…all while having the times of their lives and making friends for life!

Easily recognized as the #1 Cheer program in the Reno Area, Five Star Athletics serves athletes all over the Reno-Tahoe area.  We’re always honored and humbled when we welcome athletes who happily travel long distances to train here because they are confident that our programs are life changing!

“At Five Star Athletics you can expect the following:

The Highest Quality Programs!
That means you can expect an organized, well-ran sport for your child. We know how valuable good communication and planning is. We want your child to be a part of something GREAT!

A Professional, Knowledgeable and Innovative Staff

At Five Star Athletics, athletes are exposed to amazing role-models.  They see first-hand coaches who are athletic, smart, and family and career- oriented. You can also trust that your child is part of a program that is current with industry standards, following proper progression of skills, and constantly combining creative minds for the best possible products for you!

A Safe, Clean & Properly Equipped Facility

This means that your child will train in a gym that has proper mats, training aids and flooring while learning the very intricate and complex sport for cheer and tumbling.

A “Home” for Loyal, Respectful and Driven Athletes

Your child will become more self-confident, motivated and learn to love being a part of program that challenges and leads them to excel.

We’re excited to meet you and welcome you into the Five Star Athletics Family.  Please take a moment to enter your name and email address into the box in the upper right hand of this page so we can share some of our great products with you. If you’d rather just pick up the phone, please call 775-376-0545 and let us know if you’re on our website.  We’ll schedule you for a FREE Grand Tour of our facility and a meeting with one of our awesome coaches to help you determine which program is right for your child.

I’m confident that once you see our facility and meet our coaches and athletes, you’ll know that you’ve found what you’ve been looking for!

Shelley Shepard